It seems that over the past week we have heard more and more about people getting stir crazy and simply wanting to bust out of current "stay-at-home” conditions. At the same time, many cities and counties across states have renewed "sheltering-at-home" directives and continue implementing new social-distancing guidelines for activities in any public areas.

So how is everyone to sustain the efforts for a bit longer? With all of this in mind, we thought it would be the ideal time to share some insight into how some of the universe's most unique travelers – astronauts – keep themselves sane while in isolation. Even more intense in most situations than what we are experiencing, what tips can we glean from astronauts that are confined in small spaces like those aboard the International Space Station?

Astronauts offer these tips:

Stay busy
Boredom can be a major adversary during times of separation and even make one suffer from feelings of loneliness or even despair. To combat this, astronauts say that staying busy truly does help the time pass more swiftly. Setting some goals and creating a daily schedule will also help people to break from working all day long and take time for other activities such as exercising, walking outside, or indulging in some family-fun time.

Promote Positive Vibes
Even the most well-intentioned and active of us may have wavering moments during these difficult times. The key is to not let it get you down! From “Pinterest fail-worthy” culinary blunders to days where you may only get one thing done on your list, take time to find the positive and celebrate the small wins of each day to keep you going strong.

Communicate with Others
Make sure that you are sharing your thoughts with those sheltering directly with you and keep in contact with your “village” of friends and family. Astronauts say that communicating in positive ways about what elements are or are not working in everyday situations can help life run more smoothly. Whether taking time to communicate ideas on how everyone can get along well, to sharing some moments with friends via “virtual happy-hours,” to simply conveying your feelings or asking for help when you need it, communicating with others naturally helps one enjoy more upbeat feelings of optimism and hope.

Expect Moments of Frustration
As social beings, it is only natural that there may be some moments of frustration and that also is okay. It is important to cut yourself (and anyone sheltering in place with you) some slack. As in any time of uncertainty, people may start getting on each other’s nerves. Astronauts in these situations suggest trying to re-focus on what you can do personally to make situations less stressful, such as modeling good behavior or good habits. Take time to practice mental self-care. Pay attention to your emotional well-being and consider tuning-out social media and news from time to time.

Stay Active, Eat Healthy, and Get Good Sleep Too
For their ultimate well-being, astronauts maintain schedules and nutritional guidelines to keep all in check and we recommend the same for you! From carving out time to work out and limiting barriers to getting some exercise each day, to eating healthy foods, to getting a full 8-hours of sleep each night… these basics that we all know are essential to living “your best life” can sometimes be cast by the wayside during difficult times. By maintaining balance, you’ll not only look and feel good, your happiness meter is sure stay on the up – keeping you in an awesome and uplifted state of mind!

We hope that this piece helped to inspire “Positive Vibes” in you as part of our series titled the same. Taking these tips from the universe’s most far-off travelers may be just what you need to get you through. To get a little closer to astronauts when you are ready to venture out soon, watch for news on our new program to Pasadena’s Rose Bowl Parade featuring the Nixon Library and the Apollo 11 display, featuring Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, the first men to walk on the moon.