A Personal Story About the Treasure of The USA – Come See All of This for Yourself…

If you did not know, I was born in England.  Today, I am proud of where I was born, but also – now as a time-honored citizen of the USA – I am proud to share my story with you about how travel became such a very inspiring factor in my life that I chose to share it with everyone through Aventura World.

In this next installment of Positive Vibes, I am sharing a very personal part of my own life. It is an ardor for this splendid country called the United States of America that makes me want to share the treasures of this land with everyone. This is how the story goes…

When my friends and I graduated from our respect colleges and universities in 1987, we had a not-so-well-crafted a plan to leave England for a year and to make it the best adventure ever. It was our version of a gap year and the perfect opportunity to exchange cultural ideas with people across the globe, discover new places, and experience the world. But where would we go?

We thought it would be exciting, enlightening, and fun to wander, so we caught a flight eastbound from the UK and started our adventure in Delhi, India. Out first hotel was a high-rise still under construction. What a different experience from rural English life! Much more than my usual “cup of tea.”

None of us expected that it would change the course of our lives so distinctly… or that it would change where I call my home today.

After feeding our wanderlust…exploring India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines, we arrived in Australia. In the South Pacific, I found my calling in the travel industry, loving every moment working at the Hyatt Regency where I lived the glory of Australia’s bicentenary celebrations as we successfully catered to all of our amazing guests – from day-to-day travelers, to bucket-list sojourners, to the most discerning of guests, and beyond to celebrities and glitterati.

Thereafter, I joined on to work with a major US-based wholesaler traveling between Australia and New Zealand. This part of my adventure took me on to Los Angeles, to continue on my journey of discovery into the USA that starting unlocking for me the magnificence of this country.

The diversity of this fascinating nation revealed herself at every turn, from where I first started in Los Angeles and San Francisco, to many of the most renowned national parks including Yosemite, Yellowstone, and majestic Mount Rushmore.  Did you know that Route 66 takes you into heartland of the US? It is named historically and for supreme fodder in countless blockbuster films, including animated movies by Disney. Have you ever seen the biggest ball of twine in Cawker, Kansas? How about the rest of the country? Have you ever dreamt of savoring the flavors of New England or visiting Plymouth, Salem, and the “cottages” of Cape Cod? How about enjoying the epitome of Southern Hospitality as you travel from South Carolina to Georgia and on to Northern Florida? 

More and more, I realize that there is so much to experience and enjoy in this country. I personally know firsthand how much there is too discover in this vast and diverse country and my USA travel experts and I want to share all of this with you.  That is why I am incredibly pleased to announce our “Proud to Travel Our Homeland” created to make our travelers’ dreams a reality.

The opportunities for dream travel experiences are waiting for you right here and accessible to you in the USA with Aventura World – featuring the best safety, peace of mind, social protocols in place.


Where have you always wanted to explore in the USA?

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