It’s no secret that ancient Egyptians had a well-documented knowledge of anatomy that we continue uncovering to this day. Yet, did you know that they were also extraordinarily well-versed in utilizing herbal remedies for healing and well-being? Today, many of their practices and remedies are still widely employed across the globe and – as experts in Egypt’s culture, customs, and the destination in-depth – we are thrilled to share some of these with you. 

Everyone seems to be looking for the most natural of options to promote wellness and our Egypt specialists are here to reveal some of the secrets from this historic land with you.  From herbs and minerals originally found in Egypt – such as honey, garlic, cumin, and aloe to such herbs originally brought in through trade routes, including frankincense, cedar oil, and more – these remarkable ancient innovators created the base for many of today’s well-being recipes. 

Egyptian Herbs and Minerals

We have compiled for you a quick list of valuable herbs and minerals that the ancient Egyptians utilized and included how you can still make the most of their benefits today.  All of these are readily available and easily found across the U.S. and all over the world:

  • Garlic – Cloves of garlic can be mashed with vinegar and water and gargled to treat such aliments as sore throat or toothaches.
  • Cumin – If you mix cumin with water and a wheat fiber, it can be applied to relieve painful or even arthritic joints.
  • Frankincense – A popular essential oil these days, Frankincense is known to relieve pain. Inhaled in oil form, it can help with throat infections.
  • Honey – Known to be a natural antibiotic, pure honey can effectively treat wounds and can be utilized to help fight the symptoms of a common cold.
  • Onion – Did you know that not only does onion make food tasty, it has also been known to be used as a diuretic, can prevent colds, and can even soothe sciatica.
  • Mint – Of course, a little mint can freshen breath, but this splendid herb can also be ingested to aid in digestion and halt nausea. In essential oil varieties it can also be applied to relieve headaches too!
  • Aloe – In its pure form, aloe is a great option to aid in the relief of itches, burns, and even scalp sensitivities. Aloe can also be mixed together with alcohol or witch-hazel to make your very own hand sanitizer.
  • Dill – Should your stomach not be feeling all that great, consider a little dill.  This herb has been working for centuries to help soothe gas and is also known to serve as a laxative.
  • Myrrh – Another superb option to relieve headaches, this old school herb can also soothe aching gums and even help with backaches.
  • Parsley – This well-known herb is a common go-to diuretic.
  • Coriander – In ancient times and through modern days, this simple herb proved and continues to prove its digestive properties and can be used to assist with urinary issues, including cystitis.
  • Castor oil – Today this oil is often utilized effectively as a laxative, as an antiseptic ointment, to reduce dermal inflammation, and even as an anti-acne option.
  • Basil – Believe it or not, this easily accessible herb is known to be an anti-stress agent.  By chewing on basil leaves, you too can relieve stress naturally.
  • Clove – With its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities, clove can be used as a remedy for toothaches and can even be applied to the skin to lessen the signs of wrinkles.
  • Cedar oil – Originally brought to Egypt from the Eastern Mediterranean, cedar oil is used the world over today as an antiseptic.
  • Ginger – This root can be used fresh, dried, powdered, or in oil form to aid in digestion, reduce nausea, and help fight symptoms of the flu and common cold.
  • Green Anise – These seeds can be used to make teas, as well as in the form of oil or extracts to fight stomach ulcers, keep blood sugar levels in check, and even to reduce symptoms of depression and menopause.  Green Anise is known for its anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Herbs for Tea – While Egypt does not produce tea because of its dry climate, many of the herbs which are important in herbal teas are grown in abundance across Egypt such as Egyptian chamomile, peppermint, and hibiscus -- all which are known to help boost your immune system and to fight symptoms of the common cold and flu.

Whether a Pharaoh or queen from times gone by, or just yourself getting through current times, these everyday choices can help you get and stay healthy in the most natural of ways…tried and true alternatives from the ancient times to nowadays and beyond!

Dreaming of Egypt...

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