Over our 47-year history, we have become known for driving innovation and are honored to carry-on in that role as a leader in the group travel industry. In today's world that means originating new ideas, boosting optimism, being in tune with our travelers and partners, and being creative and meticulous in the development of new ways to cater to travelers as they start to dream of venturing out again.

We are proud to always remain committed to the safety, health, and well-being of our travelers. As such we are introducing a “Travel with Peace of Mind” program featuring new standards and plans to keep everyone safe in this next era of travel. Here is our two-pronged approach:

Ultimate Clean Standards
Our cleaning standards have always been well above industry standards, and we are raising these standards even further during this time. As a part of our commitment to ensuring stringent hygiene standards, our partners (hotels, motor coaches, boats, restaurants) have implemented enhanced cleaning and sanitizing procedures. Further, our local tour directors are consistently receiving training in sanitation procedures from public health, international and local governments that are updated on an ongoing basis.

Best Social Distancing Practices
As you explore on excursions, there are protocols in place to keep social distancing practices across the board. Group sizes have been reduced to maintain best social distancing guidelines. Further, motor coaches are boarded from back to front and then disembarked from front to back to keep the most orderly of processes and limit contact. Travelers are additionally encouraged to bring their own washable face masks for their utmost comfort.

Aventura World remains steadfast in staying up to date with local public health and government rules and regulations. We will continue to monitor all protocols of specific destinations and make adjustments as appropriate. Have no doubt that we are committed to doing the best we can to ensure that you can travel and experience the world as safe as possible!

Dreaming of getting back to travel...Check out our Iceland program. This nation has been socially distancing due to its vast open spaces and small population forever!